Brainstorming time

Tone of Voice: BlueVia

Sometimes big businesses can surprise you.

When I was asked to get involved with developing the brand tone of voice for BlueVia (a Telefonica company) I feared the worst: Lots of mission statements, jargon and “we are this, we are that”.

Thankfully, the reality proved very different.

The BlueVia team wanted to create something quirky, clear and entertaining – without losing focus on key benefits and their hyper-intelligent audience. So, I headed to London for a full-day workshop.

Brainstorming time

Brainstorming time

As ever, it partly involved getting people to write, chat, discuss, work through what it is they want to say and why. Oh, and big bits of paper. Lots of big bits of paper.

The team were interested, engaging and full of opinions. It made for an interesting, and productive session. At the end, I took my notes and created a Tone of Voice guide based on what we covered.

The excellent Leif Kendall absorbed these guidelines and came up with some fantastic copy. All enhanced by the eye-catching design by the mischeivous Alphapunks.


The result, I think, is a site and tone of voice that stands out from the usual tech/telecoms dullness.

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