Storification at The Neighbourhood

How can storytelling make your business writing better?

That question set the tone for an excellent day of word-wrangling in Manchester with creative agency The Neighbourhood.

We called this approach “Storification”; channeling our innate storytelling abilities, and techniques from our favourite books, films and music into everyday communications.

It was a fascinating session.

As is often the case with designers, some claimed to be uneasy with the written word. Yet, when we tried a few exercises, the words flowed freely. Some of the copy they produced was thrilling to hear – full of punch, emotion, vigour and quirkiness. In fact, a lot of the elements that seem to embody the agency itself.

Scribblemill is due to go back up again next month and run a repeat session for the rest of the team. I’m hoping to see how the previous session had helped participants – and throw a few new surprises at the next batch of intrepid writers.

Watch this space…

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