Urology Foundation

Content Strategy, Web Copywriting

The Urology Foundation, the UK’s leading urology research foundation, needed help bringing their website up to date.

They needed new content that spoke more directly to users – yet treated a sensitive subject matter with great respect.

They also wanted their site to help generate more enquiries – and donations. This meant drawing on our skills in content strategy, website copywriting and tone of voice. In the end, the project involved writing and editing more than 150 pages of content, as well as close attention to the microcopy on donation pages and core pages.

How we helped them:

  • Assessed all of the content on their existing website.
  • Made recommendations based on this audit and a competitor review.
  • Worked alongside the web designers to map out how the content fits together.
  • Advised on what information a website visitor might need from the site.
  • Helped them develop a more direct, warm and personal tone of voice.
  • Created copy that motivated visitors to donate, get involved or learn more about The Foundation.

The result is a fresh, open and engaging website with content that treats both users and the subject matter with respect.

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