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Kew Gardens

Tone of Voice

Helping an iconic London attraction engage and delight visitors

Kew Gardens is a Great British institution. Established in 1840, Kew is now home to the world’s largest collection of living plants. It’s also a centre for scientific research, including projects such as the Millennium Seed Bank, which helps preserve seeds for future generations.

Despite their deserved reputation as the world’s most important botanical gardens, Kew faces stiff competition from other tourist attractions. It also covers an enormous area, with much of the signage in need of updating. In partnership with Lark Media, we helped Kew to define their new tone of voice for signage around the gardens and general communications. We also suggested some ways to implement their new style with a set of practical examples.

What we did

  • Brainstorming workshops and mood boards
  • Created a practical tone of voice document to help writers
  • Developed examples across different materials and situations around the park (from welcome signage to brochures)

What we didn’t

Write all signs.

Partner agencies:

Lark Media

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