An Open Letter To Mr. $1.50 Article Writer

Typewriting Monkey

Image courtesy of Olivander

Dear Mr. $1.50 Article Writer,

How on earth do you do it?

It’s impressive – I have to hand it to you.

To have a head so crammed with knowledge that you need never spend time doing research. To have such a disciplined writing mind that you can structure and write an article, on any subject, in minutes.

And, those fingers.

Are the bones strengthened with metal, like the X-Man, Wolverine? How else could you type at such a rapid pace without injuring yourself?

That you must have a specially reinforced keyboard goes without saying.

Don’t listen to those fools who say it surely takes at least an hour or two to write anything even halfway decent.

Pah! If that was the case you’d be earning a mere pittance. Of course you’re writing ten, twenty – maybe even thirty of these pieces every hour. An article every two minutes – wow!

I’d murder grammar to be that fast.

And to the sensible folk who hire these $1.50 Article Writing Miracle Workers: It makes perfect business sense. Because surely if someone can write this fast, they must be good. Even if they’re not – it’s probably better to have 1000 sloppy articles on your site than five evergreen pieces that attract links and make you look smarter. Speed and quantity, every time.

Yes, Mr. $1.50 Article Writer – I salute your stamina.

Yours in envy,

A Quality SEO Article Writer

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