Do You Speak Clichenese?


Welcome to the ClichCorp website. Here you will find information about ClichCorp.

We at ClichCorp are leading experts in the field of solutions. We help businesses solve the logistical challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment. Our dynamic approach to solving gives our clients a competitive advantage over their competing competitors. Our bespoke business-critical solutions are tailored totally to your requirements – always exceeding your expectations. We deliver to keep you one-step-ahead of the game.

No, we don’t understand what we’re talking about. But nobody reads this stuff anyway, right? Aren’t copywriters just meant to protect our intellectual property? How do you spell Lorum ipsum? What the hell is that anyway – Spanish?

Injecting your tank

With a strong track record in performance, we’re dedicated to giving you the maximum possible return on investment. Our bespoke solutions create key metrics for your success.

Ah, there you are. Where were we? Yeah, at one stage all cliches were fresh. So we’re coining a new one: Injecting the tank. No, we don’t think it sounds vaguely filthy. Hang on, I have to make more abstract references to what we actually do….

Through our integrated approach to business we will improve your strategy and push you to new success paradigms. We take a hands-on approach to consultancy.

“Hands-on?” We’re not gonna get sued for that, are we? How “on” are these hands? Hey, Barry – where did you put those stock icons? I need to liven this design up and promote our ClichServices™.


Here to help you, help you.

We, as ClichCorp, care about you, as our customer. Our caring makes us care about your success. And because we care about your success, we care about you a little more. Laptop. Laptop. Laptop. Laptop. Cheap laptops. Bargain laptop covers. Care about you.

Have we hit 250 words yet? Because that’s what the weird geeky SEO guy told us to do to come top for the word “laptop”. You know we just sell laptop covers, right? Wait, have we even said “synergy” yet? Why the hell not? I think we need a chummy, matey call to action at the end – really get people feeling us. How about:

ClichCorp. Solving the World’s problems one solution at a time.

Let’s Talk!

(I know, I know. It’s an easy target. And I can be as guilty of some of these cliches as anyone. But sometimes you just have to vent!)

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  1. Gareth

    Brilliant. Funny piece. If only it wasn’t so on-the-nose for a lot of sites I design.