Freelancers and SMEs: Are You Neglecting Your About Page?

“So I hired this brilliant homepage the other day…” What is it that encourages buyers to pick a freelancer based on their website? Well, there’s the obvious triple whammy of clients, experience and findability. But what about the humble About page? Surely one of the most consistently neglected pages on the web. For example, here […]

What Copywriters Can Learn From Best Man Speeches (and Vice Versa)

“You’re a writer,” my friends said. “You better be good.” Thanks, guys. Thanks for the added pressure. Against the odds, I emerged from my ordeal as a best man mostly unscathed (unless dagger-stares from elderly relatives leave permanent scars). I’ve now had time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. And, wouldn’t you know, […]

How To Avoid Being Boring By ‘Submerging The I’

Let’s say you’re going to your friend Amanda’s house for dinner. Should be fun. “There will be a few other people there,” Amanda tells you. Then you arrive and you’re stuck next to Brian, a management consultant and golf aficionado with a penchant for long, self-important stories. Nearly every sentence he utters starts with “I…” […]

The Difference Between Features and Benefits, Saw-Style

So, I was training a group of web copywriters the other day, and casually mentioned features versus benefits. Nothing earth-shattering there. But, just as I was about to click to the next slide, I noticed that the expected nods and hums of recognition didn’t arrive. So I asked, “you do know the difference between features […]

An Open Letter To Mr. $1.50 Article Writer

Dear Mr. $1.50 Article Writer, How on earth do you do it? It’s impressive – I have to hand it to you. To have a head so crammed with knowledge that you need never spend time doing research. To have such a disciplined writing mind that you can structure and write an article, on any […]

Want To Write Better Copy? Ask Your Clients These Questions

“You don’t ask, you don’t get,” said Mahatma Gandhi. I’m no historian, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t referring to cufflinks. Or, for that matter, copywriting. Still, the bloke was on to something. Yeah, yeah – the whole non-violence thing. Of course. But also the idea that asking the right questions is the only way […]