Storification at The Neighbourhood

How can storytelling make your business writing better? That question set the tone for an excellent day of word-wrangling in Manchester with creative agency The Neighbourhood. We called this approach “Storification”; channeling our innate storytelling abilities, and techniques from our favourite books, films and music into everyday communications. It was a fascinating session. As is […]

Brainstorming time

Tone of Voice: BlueVia

Sometimes big businesses can surprise you. When I was asked to get involved with developing the brand tone of voice for BlueVia (a Telefonica company) I feared the worst: Lots of mission statements, jargon and “we are this, we are that”. Thankfully, the reality proved very different. The BlueVia team wanted to create something quirky, […]


Do You Speak Clichenese?

Welcome to the ClichCorp website. Here you will find information about ClichCorp. We at ClichCorp are leading experts in the field of solutions. We help businesses solve the logistical challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment. Our dynamic approach to solving gives our clients a competitive advantage over their competing competitors. Our bespoke business-critical solutions are […]

What Can You Learn From 1117 Copyblogger Headlines?

If you’re floating in the ocean of copywriters out there, you’ll have heard of Copyblogger. Well, in a frenzy of copy+paste action, I collated every headline in their archive – 1117 of them (as of late August 2010) – on the hunt for stats. But why should you care? Copyblogger lives for the art and […]


258 UK Copywriter Sites: SEO, Titles and Rankings

Question: What type of fool helps the competition with free advice and backlinks? Answer: This type of fool. This is the follow-up to the UK freelance copywriter homepages post. This time round, we’re dabbling in SEO in an effort to see: The words copywriters use in their page titles The words copywriters use in their […]


258 UK Freelance Copywriter Homepages Examined (Including Yours?)

Phew. Curiosity has led to exhaustion. I’ve been through 258 UK copywriter website homepages. Some fantastic sites out there. If you’re a UK freelance copywriter, then chances are you’re on this list. But, my aim with this post isn’t to cast judgement on fellow copywriters – merely to offer an insight into: The words copywriters […]